Greetings heroes. We have been working on a legion server for the better part of 2023 & 2024, and we're proud to announce our new server is finally ready for release! This is the future of legion; legion plus. Our release will take place on the 7th of june 2024 at 17:00 Server Time. join our grand opening! We've decided that anyone who logs in in the first week after launch will get a special mount as a thanks towards the community: Amalgam of Rage

Here's the launch info: 6 new races with working racials, these can be found under the "allied races" tab when creating your character.

600+ new mounts, from bfa 8.0 till Dragonflight season 1.

25x Experience rate but adjustable to 1x if you'd like the extra challenge,

A lot of QoL features such as;

Stackable Artifact power,

7.2.5 traits open from the start,

increased capacity of potions/flasks/food,

We have implemented Wakening essences & 7.2.5 legendaries from the start, these will drop from their blizzlike sources + The nighthold. So you can get your legendaries as soon as possible!

Realm first races with epic rewards,

We will have a Hardcore gamemode; There'll be a leaderboard & this leaderboard will reset on a seasonal basis; The new races can't participate in this challenge

We will post a little bit more about hardcore mode in the near future.

The realm type will start pve, But we will hold a poll to determine the permanent realm type of the realm a little later.

Blizzlike resets for dungeons/raids (once a week),

Normal, Heroic & mythic 0 dungeons will be opened right away,

The Emerald Nightmare raid will be open on all difficulties right away.

One reset after launch(14 June 2024) Mythic plus, normal + heroic the Nighthold will also open,

A week after that(21 june 2024) the Nighthold will open on mythic difficulty,

Join our discord for weekly changelogs/updates.

Hope to see you there!