Greetings heroes!

Alongside our launch day which'll take place on the 7th of June 2024 at 6pm (gmt+2),we have prepared some more information.

Launch information;

We'll start the server on 7.1.5 meaning no Emerald Nightmare progression needed.

The Emerald Nightmare will be open on all difficulties from the start;

Normal,heroic & mythic 0 will be there right from the start so you can enjoy grinding asap.

1 week after server launch, we will enable 1 free character boost for everyone.

Cross spec artifact power

When you use AP on 1 spec, it'll apply to all artifact weapons you currently have in your bags/bank etc, alongside this the AP you get from any sources will be stackable, meaning no cluttered bags!

In tandem with this we have enabled 7.2.5 traits from the get-go, this'll make a lot of classes viable (looking at you early legion BDK!)

Artifact Knowledge will start on 25; this is the cap for 7.1.5.

We have also enabled wakening essences dropping in both Nighthold & everything they drop from according to blizzlike sources (daily bg, daily heroic etc) & will have the 7.2 legendaries implemented even in 7.1.5.

25x xp rates so you can jump into the fight with the burning legion faster than ever.

Dedicated developers who work around the clock to fix every single bug that might be encountered.

Working legacy raids, so you can farm transmog to your hearts content.

Leveling bots in leveling dungeons, to assist while leveling.

these bots will listen to commands such as /go and /followme.

No p2w bis gear for sale.

Epic and fun custom morphs/toys/etc

A battle pass system to gain free donator points, which you can spend on cosmetics.

This system will allow you to purchase custom cosmetics, just for playing the game! no need to pay.

600+ new mounts, and 500+ new pets added to the base legion client.

Dragonflight character creation screen ( i have uploaded a picture of this on our discord.)

6 new Allied races;

dark iron dwarf, zandalari troll, kul tiran human, drakthyr,vulpera & last but not least the mag'har orc!

Instant flight paths to get to your destinations as fast as possible.

We have also prepared new dungeons for launch!

When the server launches we will have Grimrail Depot & Shadowmoon Burial grounds as working mythic plus dungeons in the m+ rotation

We are in the process of rewriting affixes for mythic plus

We want affixes to not lead to "dead keys" meaning affixes shouldn't make a dungeon impossible (looking at you, lower karazhan bolstering!) Therefore we will be making most affixes act in line to their retail counterpart.

E.G Bolstering having a duration on the mobs, explosive orbs on explosive weeks not scaling with m+ level, etc.

We are working on upscaling older raids up to current level

This means Raids like the Emerald Nightmare worth doing, even in 7.1.5

For more actual news, check out our discord by clicking the link below.

Join our wonderful launch and get a free mount; Amalgam of Rage.

Our discord: