Greetings heroes. When the server starts this friday at 6pm servertime, there will be a couple of changes to the mythic plus affixes & a couple of new affixes.

There will be 2 more dungeons in the mythic plus rotation; Along with all Legion dungeons(excluding The Seat of the Triumvirate & Karazhan), Grimrail Depot and Shadowmoon Burial Grounds will be added to the pool. Both dungeons have been completely reworked, including numerous changes and new items from the Shadowlands / Dragonflight versions such as transmogs etc. As a reward for completion, a random chest containing loot from a random legion dungeon(appropriate to patch 7.1.5) will spawn.

Significant changes will occur to dungeon modifiers: Tyrannical: will now increase the health of boss enemies by 30% (previously 40%) Bolstering: now only increases enemy damage by 20% , does not increase enemy HP & also the debuff now has a duration of 30 seconds Quaking: now deals 40% damage from the player's health (previously 20%) Explosive: when explosive orbs spawns, they spawn with 1 HP.

New affixes added: Storming Incorporeal Afflicted Entangling Spiteful

These affixes will work like their retail counterparts.

New combinations of modifiers will be present: Fortified, Storming, Bursting Tyrannical, Explosive, Bolstering Fortified, Incorporeal, Sanguine Tyrannical,Volcanic, Raging Fortified, Quaking, Bursting Tyrannical, Afflicted, Bolstering Fortified, Necrotic, Sanguine Tyrannical, Incorporeal, Spiteful Fortified, Entangling, Bolstering Tyrannical, Storming, Raging Fortified, Explosive, Spiteful Tyrannical, Entangling, Bursting

In the future, some adjustments to combinations or individual affixes are possible if they are deemed too hard.